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    Create the most influential real estate team that empowers our community. Setting higher standards while adding value to families to create a powerful future!
    Step up and deliver 5 Star excellence!

    Marshall Realty/Marshall Carrasco is one of Reno's Most Innovative Real Estate Team. Marshall's focus is helping clients sell their homes through massive marketing to achieve top dollar for their clients. Marshall's marketing expertise and attention to innovation and detail has allowed the team to double its business, nearly every single year. Marshall has constantly sought out new and innovative ideas to continue to help our clients achieve their real estate goals from extensive SEO work, websites, to massive TV and radio advertising. When you list with Marshall Realty, your home will be advertised on numerous sites reaching literally hundreds of potential buyers. That's why we sell a home every 18 hours!
    When you hire Marshall Realty, you don't just hire Marshall, your hire a team! Our team will work diligently to get your property on the market as quickly as possible. Our team is committed to providing you with the utmost professionalism and is truly committed to your success.
    Our annual marketing is more than TEN TIMES what a typical Realtor spends on marketing which provides extreme exposure for our clients' homes on every major website. We this aggressive marketing budget we generate over 300 buyer leads per month, on average. In 2013, Marshall Realty sold more than 500 homes and ranked as one of the top Realtors out of 1.9M according to the Wall Street Journal. Marshall Realty is the Top 1% of the Top 1% nationwide with respect to closed sales and client satisfaction and we're striving to get better every single day. You can be assured you are partnering with a team that has the tools and skills to help you accomplish your goals in this or any challenging real estate market. We also have a unique website for buyers that can search for homes based on certain criteria. This is why we sell a home every 18 hours!

    Marshall Carrasco
    Office: 775-787-7400
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    Phone: 775-787-7400

    Marshall Carrasco

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