Five cleaning tips to prepare your home for sale

    Five cleaning tips to prepare your home for sale

    When it comes to selling your home, one point that many sellers miss is that it’s all about the physical appeal of your home! You could have the best priced home in the neighborhood but if your home comes off unclean or cluttered, buyers are going to be more hesitant to make an offer. Isn’t that so frustrating?! Luckily, Marshall Realty wants you to have success in selling your home; so they’ve brought you some home selling tips to help ensure your home is ready for your next potential buyers! Take a look at these five preferred tips Marshall Carrasco and the team at Marshall Realty recommend to help ensure that you receive the most and best offers on your home as possible!

    1. Deep clean EVERYTHING inside your home! Potential buyers are going to inspect every nook and cranny of your home and the slightest bit of uncleanliness or clutter could potentially set them off! You never know what type of person is stepping inside your home; they could be the type to understand that spots on the baseboards in the kitchen happen, or they could be the complete opposite and walk away from your home just because the cleanliness didn’t appeal to them. Be safe and clean everything!

    **Don’t overlook the convenience of that beautiful appliance in your kitchen known as a dishwasher! Glass light fixture globes, knick knacks, sponges and even those pesky toothbrush holders from your bathroom can be made to shine while saving you the elbow grease!**

    Five cleaning tips to prepare your home for sale

    1. Make sure you wash all the windows inside and out! People enjoy natural light in their home as it gives off more of a warm feeling and is less expensive when that power bill comes around every month so washing your windows will allow the most natural light possible to enter your home when your future potential buyers decide to stop by for a showing.

    **Do this on a day that is overcast. The direct sunshine could potentially dry the window cleaner before you can wipe it off and leave streaks that are a pain to get out! Use vertical strokes on one side of your windows and horizontal strokes on the other side so that if a streak is left behind  you know which side of the window it’s on!**

    1. Remember all the pesky hair your cat or dog left behind on the bottom of the front window curtains or the base of your living room couch? Yeah, that’s not a good look to potential buyers; especially if they have any type of fur allergy; they may be convinced that those hair fibers are forever in the home they are looking to buy and decline to make an offer. So make sure you get all that pesky fur off your upholstery and drapes!

    **Not looking forward to tediously cleaning your drapes and furniture with a tiny ol’ lint roller? Try throwing on a pair of trusty rubber gloves, dampen them slightly and go to town!** 

    Five cleaning tips to prepare your home for sale

    4. Did your children (or husband) recently do a load of laundry and leave it in the washer too long leaving that musky, dirty scent behind whenever you open the lid? It’s important to get rid of those pesky smells before you allow potential buyers to inspect your home; especially if you plan to leave these appliances behind in the home when you move on.

    **Start your machine on hot water and add the cleaning agents (for top loading washing machines use 3 to 4 cups of vinegar and ½ cup of baking soda while front loading washing machines will need ¼ cup of vinegar and 4 tablespoons of baking soda). Allow your machine to sit for 30 – 60 minutes following the end of the wash cycle, restart the machine on a rinse cycle to drain any remaining water and cleansers, wipe down the inside of the machine and allow it to air dry.**

    1. Make your home pretty but neutral! Remember that lovely lime green color you put as an accent wall in your bedroom or the dark maroon you surrounded yourself with in the kitchen? While those may be your calming colors, to others they may come off loud and absurd. Be safe and paint your walls a neutral color like white or a nice light beige or gray to match the kitchen floors.Five cleaning tips to prepare your home for sale

    **Curb appeal is one of the biggest deciding factors for potential buyers driving past your home or showing up for a viewing. Don’t be afraid to spruce up the outside of your home with a new touch up or, hey, get crazy and give it a whole new paint job!

    The real estate experts over at Marshall Realty, owned and operated by the always trusted Marshall Carrasco, say the most important thing is to look at  your home as if you were a potential buyer and ask yourself, “Would I want to make a bid on this home?”

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