Dayton Living in Dayton: Lifestyle, Amenities, Neighborhoods and More

    dayton 2Dayton is a thriving rural community on the banks of the Carson River. Founded in 1849 by its first name, Ponderer’s Rest, and famous for its connection to the Comstock Lode, Dayton has become a city on the rise in Nevada. Welcome to Dayton, where every day is an adventure in the Old West. Join the exploding arts and outdoor recreation communities here. Make your own history alongside a crucial site in the expansion to the west a hundred and fifty years ago.

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    Perfect for: Adventurers Who Love the Spirit of the West

    Dayton offers many amenities and opportunities for fun in the sun. Carson River runs through the city and provides its residents a scenic area, great for floating down the river, canoeing, fishing, and hunting. The river runs into the Lahontan Reservoir, which is a great place to swim in the sun or take the boat out. In the winter, you can take an easy ski trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and its wide abundance of ski resorts and towns. Dayton is 12 miles Carson City—the capital of Nevada and a vibrant community of its own—and 40 miles from Reno. Lake Tahoe is only 20 miles away. Dayton is the hub of the fastest growing region in Nevada, and the spirit of adventure is still new. 

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    The Lifestyle: A Mixture of the Outdoors and Urban Life

    Since the discovery of gold in nearby Gold Creek, Dayton has been hailed as one of the best places in the state to admire the natural beauty Nevada has to offer. Dayton is a short drive from world famous Lake Tahoe, a great place to relax and enjoy extensive water activities. For those looking for nightlife, Dayton has its own scene of local bars and restaurants, but you can also venture beyond to nearby Carson City or Reno. In Dayton there is always fun for everyone.


    Dayton, NV’s Real Estate Market

    The real estate market in Dayton features a wide array of homes for a large range of prices. Typical houses in Dayton feature a one or two car garage, one story with a front and back yard. With continuing development in Dayton, the city features many new and efficient architectural styles that attempt to use the light from the sun for your comfort. Houses can range from an urban setting to a more natural one, demonstrating Dayton’s cross of urban life and the love of the outdoors.


    Featured Neighborhoods in Dayton

    East Dayton: The east side of the Carson River and Highway 50, this is the area where the pioneers would first encounter the river, and is home to Dayton High School.

    West Dayton: This is the west side of the Carson River and Highway 50. Many new homes and businesses have settled here as the town expands west.

    Old Town: This is the center of town and the original spot where pioneers stopped and decided whether to go up or down the Carson River over a hundred and fifty years ago. Old Town is downtown Dayton, full of restaurants, bars, museums, and fun on the river.

    Riverview: The north end of town, this area stretches up the Carson River. New homes and businesses have been popping up here as well. Riverview Elementary School is also located here.


    You’ll Enjoy: A Mix of Urban Fun and Nature

    The Carson River provides Dayton dwellers with a multitude of adventurous options. Lay back, relax, and float down the Carson River, sunbathe at nearby Lahontan Reservoir, hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and spend the winter skiing. No matter your type of adventure, Dayton offers you an exciting opportunity to experience life in the west every day. For an adventure you can experience every day, explore the Dayton State Park located in the middle of town. Learn about the history of the area at the Dayton Historical Museum, or pan for gold in nearby Virginia City. 

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    The Workforce: New Jobs in the Area All Over the Spectrum

    With new development in Dayton, there is a large amount of construction job opportunities, not just in Dayton but in the surrounding area. With both Carson City and Dayton expanding, the two cities provide Dayton residents with hospitality jobs in addition to a multitude of new businesses and jobs. The growing tourist attractions in nearby Virginia City also provide hospitality jobs and other opportunities. Dayton is in the center of the fastest growing region in the state. More and more jobs in many different areas are popping up all the time.


    Why We Live Here: Fun in the Sun

    From great outdoor recreation opportunities to that old time friendly feeling in an old West mining town, Dayton offers a little something for everyone. With a thriving downtown area anchoring the town and providing many entertainment options for all ages, Dayton is a perfect location to raise a family, find work, and have fun. Dayton brings together the best aspects of rural and urban life to the residents of Dayton and the surrounding area. Get in on the ground floor of this growing urban center and still enjoy the laid back lifestyle of the rural countryside, too. With the beautiful sunshine, the Carson River, Lake Tahoe, and Reno all close by you won’t miss a minute of fun and excitement in the sun.