Fernley Living in Fernley: Lifestyle, Amenities, Neighborhoods and More

    fernley 2The fast growing city of Fernley, Nevada is a fantastic place to live for an outdoor lifestyle, extensive real estate options and a wonderful home for you and your family. If you have been looking for all of this and more, then Fernley may be the perfect place to call home.
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    Perfect For: History Buffs in the Modern World

    Fernley was created as a train station stop; the name was first used in 1904, and a community rapidly grew up around the station.

    Despite its current modern exterior, and all the facilities to be expected of a sleek, economically-vigorous city, the area is steeped in history. Residents only have to drive a few miles to be out in ranching country, where the remains of settler cabins and old corrals are waiting to be explored. In fact, ranching is still massive business in Nevada, so weekend activities such as rodeo and country shows aren’t window dressing; they’re the way real life is lived.


    The Lifestyle: Outdoor Oriented and Diverse

    Fernley’s climate is relished by residents all across Nevada’s high deserts, with hot, wonderfully dry summers – average annual rainfall is only five inches – and winters with little snow and only rare extremes of cold.

    Lake Tahoe, the largest Alpine lake, and the largest lake by volume, in North America is located less than 60 miles southeast. The lake allows Fernley residents to sail yachts, race powerboats, or simply picnic on tide-lapped beaches. It is this diversity of activities which, in so many ways, typifies life in Fernley, Nevada.

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    Fernley’s Real Estate Market

    Fernley is a significant commuter base for the nearby Reno/Sparks area, due largely to the easy access afforded by the new-and-improved Interstate 80 corridor. This relationship began in the 1970s, since when a significant area of formerly agricultural and ranching land has transitioned to housing development. The classic American subdivision rules supreme, and vintage can largely be determined by location: first, the established parts of town were gentrified; next the Fremont Street area saw conspicuous growth through the mid- to late-70s; farming land close to the city began see development in the 1980s; that expansion continues today, with  the Farm District Road locale as a current hotspot.

    Ranch-style, single- and two-story, split-levels and traditional, individual and duplex designs, with or without sprawling yards… every type of home is represented. In keeping with the high desert location, the predominant architectural style is Pueblo Revival, a beautiful and exotic blend of Spanish Mission inspiration and modern stucco completion.


    You’ll Enjoy: The Best of the Past and of the Present

    Historic Fort Churchill and a Pony Express station lead out of the city toward historic ghost towns and mine sites; outdoor sporting activities including hunting and fishing; ten community parks – with tennis and basketball courts, a skate park and rodeo grounds – and a professional ATV racetrack; even an 18-hole golf course.


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    Fernley, NV Utilities

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    The Workforce: Technology and Industry Driven

    Although Fernley originally spanned the county line between Lyon and Washoe counties, a 2005 boundary change put the city wholly within Lyon County. This initiative was taken in part to preserve tax revenues and income, important because, in 1999, Amazon.com came to town.

    Back when it, and the Internet it serves, were both comparative fledglings, the company took over the former Stanley Works, a 750,000-square-foot property which it converted into an order fulfillment center. This was a catalyst moment for the industrial park where the site was located, and for Fernley itself. The Amazon.com property now anchors a thriving commercial and industrial base, with massive investments by investors bringing thousands of new jobs to the city, in turn invigorating the entire metropolitan area and its economy.

    Other substantial employers who have moved to the city include Allied Signal (now Honeywell), ARE Campers, Sherwin Williams Paint, Trex Inc. and UPS Worldwide Logistics. Both the economy and employment prospects are soaring in this northern Nevada nerve center.


    Why Live Here: Modern Amenities with Small Town Charm

    If the anachronism of America’s largest lake being easily accessible to a city in the desert isn’t reason enough to consider a move to Fernley, the burgeoning and effectively unlimited employment and leisure opportunities certainly are. An equitable climate, deep history, fabulous communities and a stock of homes that pales many much larger cities. Again, the question to ask is “Why not move to Fernley, Nevada?”