Gardnerville Living in Gardnerville: Lifestyle, Amenities, Neighborhoods and More

    gardnerville homes for saleGardnerville celebrates the perfect union of nature, neighbors and small-town living. Gardnerville is perfect for those who want to enjoy spectacular scenic views every day and a fantastic community atmosphere. A busy town event calendar, historical ranchlands, and beautiful neighborhoods are only a few of the benefits of the Gardnerville. 

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    Perfect For: Urban Farmers, Nature-Lovers, and Community-Minded Outdoor Enthusiasts

    You couldn’t live in a better spot for getting outside and taking part in just about every outdoor activity available. With a strong school system it’s also perfect for families, or those looking to start one. Everyone will have an opportunity to indulge in the mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers. 

    • Ski Lake Tahoe. Living in close proximity to this skier’s paradise comes in handy. There are seven incredible world-class ski resorts. Your winters will be filled with day and weekend getaways and plenty of powder.
    • Summer camping, hiking, and water sports will be part of the adventure of living in Gardnerville. Again, Lake Tahoe provides some of the entertainment, but also explore the Tahoe, Eldorado, and Stanislaus National Forests.
    • If you don’t want to leave city limits, there is always the Martin Slough Nature Trail and Park. This ever-evolving spot continues to improve. For now, utilize the learning center and view wildlife and native wetlands.

    Gardnerville Homes for Sale

    The Lifestyle: Rural Living With Urban Infusion

    Big backyards are as typical as community functions, and while many cities flaunt movies in the park and wine walks—so does Gardnerville. The difference is that Gardnerville also promotes pristine, friendly neighborhoods and healthy living. You will see children able to run free in the summer and be involved in sports and activities in during the school year. Walking through the idyllic and historic downtown you are likely to stop and chat frequently. If you need a heavier dose of culture, there are several nearby cities are within doable driving distances. Gardnerville has ample properties with large acreages and you can enjoy the perks of space without having to trade it in for entertainment—it’s the best of both worlds.


    Gardnerville’s Real Estate Market

    Ranch is a popular word in Gardnerville real estate. Whether it is a ranch home, a home on Ranch Street, or an actual ranch—you have the ability to find any of these. There is no shortage of curb appeal in Gardnerville—it is something the city has worked hard to create. Homes and land comes in all shapes and sizes, and most are impeccably kept. Depending on your needs you can have a sprawling neighborhood ranch home with a large yard and room for in-law visits, or an elaborate mountain cabin on acreage with your own stocked pond. Views are abundant, as are the descriptors such as charming, custom, and perfectly landscaped. It’s a pleasurable process in Gardnerville to find the right home.

    Gardnerville Homes for Sale

    Featured Neighborhoods in Gardnerville

    • Chichester Estates: This section of Gardnerville houses the largest housing development. Three builders designed a beautiful array of homes to fit many family sizes and needs. Many are single-story, with an occasional two-story home thrown in.
    • Chambers Field: This is an area where you’ll find gorgeous ranch land, agricultural fields, and panoramic views. Some of the housing is older, but with breathtaking newer estates seamlessly fit in.
    • Fish Springs: This neighborhood is known as the equestrian area. Located on the eastern edge, newer and older homes blend together in this part of the city.
    • Ruhenstroth: Another more rural section, this is an older, there is older, more matured scenery in this section of town. Subdivisions have been built within the area, and it is one of the more sought after places to live.


    You’ll Enjoy: Mountain Sports and Community Activities

    Tahoe is only 30 minutes away, making it an excellent destination for your outdoor activities. Boating, hiking, biking, skiing, and camping around the region is epic. Within city limits popular resident activities include Thirsty Thursdays, art, movies in the park, antiquing, and the popular Carson Valley Christmas Kickoff.


    Distinguished Schools in Gardnerville

    It should be noted that the public school system in Gardnerville is excellent. If you are looking for a great education, the schools rank highly compared to national averages.


    Gardnerville Utilities

    • NV Energy | Electric 
    • Gardnerville Water Company | Water
    • Minden Gardnerville Sanitation District | Sewer
    • Verizon | High-speed Internet and Cable


    The Workforce: Resort, Medical, and Commuting

    Within city limits there are fewer opportunities for careers unless you are involved in agriculture, entrepreneurial ventures, or local businesses. The biggest employer in Gardnerville is the Carson Valley Medical Center. Tahoe has several opportunities to work in the resort community. People instruct, are a part of the hospitality industry, or work for guides or outfitters. Nearby Carson City also has wider variety when it comes to types of careers. Commuting is very common in this community.


    Why Live Here: Community, Recreation, and an Active Lifestyle

    Gardnerville’s scenery is stunning as far as cities go. What makes it special is its close proximity to the outdoors and Sierra Nevada mountain range, and a community that supports building relationships and living the good life. Education thrives in Gardnerville, as do the picturesque neighborhoods heavy on the curb appeal. Frankly, there aren’t many reasons not to live in this wonderful, historic-meets-modern town.