Reno Living in Reno: Lifestyle, Amenities, Neighborhoods and More

    Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and lovingly known as the “biggest little city in the world,” Reno, Nevada’s greatest lure is its youthful, dynamic culture. Opportunities to enjoy sports and art activities alike make Reno a popular tourist destination and an exciting place to live. From casinos to fine dining to outdoor fun, there is something for just about everyone in Reno.

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    Reno’s Real Estate Market

    The real estate market in the Reno/Tahoe area is a smorgasbord of intimate bungalows, high rise condominiums and sprawling ranch-style estates with breathtaking views of the mountains. Reno’s downtown core and surrounding neighborhoods reflect the area’s love of history, art, and architectural diversity. No matter what your budget or desired style of home, you’ll find plenty of unique options in Reno.

    Featured Neighborhoods in Reno, NV

    • Downtown Reno: This is where you’ll experience all the excitement of the “biggest little city in the world.” In downtown Reno, you’ll find anything from modern high-rise condominium units to artist lofts. Living downtown, you’ll live and breathe the best art, culture, shopping and dining which makes Reno so popular among residents and tourists alike.
    • Old Southwest: Adjacent to downtown, this attractive neighborhood features historic houses and beautiful, tree-lined residential streets. Old Southwest offers a quieter lifestyle and a variety of home types. Whether you’re looking for a large brick home or a tiny cottage, you’ll find it here. The best part about Old Southwest? You won’t need a car to get around to the many shops, restaurants and amenities in downtown Reno.
    • Wells Avenue: The Wells Avenue neighborhood is a charming mix of the old and new. Here, you can find anything from completely remodeled brick houses to smaller cottage-type homes. This pedestrian-friendly neighborhood is in the shopping district of Reno – only steps away from the Riverwalk District shops and Shopper’s Square.

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    Perfect For: Art Lovers, Leisure Enthusiasts

    With its historic buildings and love of artistic culture, living in Reno is always exciting. You won’t need to wait for art festivals to enjoy the region’s best exhibits; every day is a celebration of art and culture here. Of course, being a diverse city, there is much more than just art to enjoy; adventure enthusiasts will find plenty to do here as well.

    • Watch shows, create your own art, and celebrate the world’s greatest musicians, actors, and dancers every July at Artown, Reno’s annual month-long arts festival. Previous performers at Artown include Yo-Yo Ma, Pink Martini and Marcel Marceau.
    • Spend some cash at the shops, then delight your taste buds in Reno’s Midtown District, where you’ll find the best dining the city has to offer.
    • Ready for something more daring? Try Wide Open Reno, a rip-roaring buggy ride through the desert.


    The Lifestyle: Rich Culture meets Outdoor Adventure

    The culture in Reno, NV is one that places a high priority on diversity, artistic expression and athletics. On any given day in Reno, you might visit a few museums, sample some of the finest dining in the area, hit up the slot machines or hit the links at the many local golf courses. And every year, Reno celebrates Cinco de Mayo, an appreciation of the Mexican-American culture, a large influence in this region.

    Reno’s lifestyle is as diverse as its population and as a result, your experience here is whatever you want it to be! Whether you’re looking for the best in shopping, entertainment, or rugged adventure, you’ll find it all in Reno.


    You’ll Enjoy: Top Rate Entertainment, Beautiful Scenery

    The gorgeous, snow-capped Sierra mountains provide the perfect backdrop to this desert town. There’s a powerful, almost magical feel to the sights and sounds of Reno. And the mountains aren’t just pretty to look at either – they provide outdoor enthusiasts with endless opportunities for skiing, mountain biking and climbing expeditions.

    Art lovers will enjoy the endless festivals that take place in the region. And year-round, you can submerge yourself in the seductive sounds of the Reno Jazz Orchestra, which performs regularly around the city.


    Distinguished Schools in Reno, NV

    There are 113 schools in Reno. A few notable schools in the area are Caughlin Ranch Elementary School and Ted Hunsburger Elementary School. Reno area schools benefit from a low average student-teacher ratio of 16:1. College students get a top-rate education at The University of Nevada at Reno, which has been ranked as a tier-1 university in a U.S. News & World report.


    Reno, NV Utilities

    • NV Energy | Electricity & Gas
    • Truckee Meadows Water Authority | Water
    • City of Reno Sewer Service | Sewer Services
    • Reno Disposal Co. & Sparks Sanitation |Disposal & Recycling
    • AT&T | Telephone & Internet


    The Workforce: Blue and White Collar, Side by Side

    Reno’s workforce is neither ruled by white-collar nor blue-collar jobs, but a happy mix of both. Despite its small size, Reno is a city comprised mostly of young, upwardly-mobile professionals who work in labor, sales, administration and management positions. Reno, NV jobs have recently increased by 2.95%, and this number is expected to rise by another 38.8% by the year 2022 (higher than the national average). It’s no wonder Reno is listed as one of the best places to live and work.


    Why Live Here: Endless Amenities and Activity Rule in Reno

    Reno’s youthful population is a virtual melting pot of culture and diversity. With endless new experiences to discover, it’s clear to see why this city is adored by residents and tourists alike.