Washoe Valley Living in Washoe Valley: Lifestyle, Amenities, Neighborhoods and More

    Washoe Valley Homes for SaleWashoe Valley is located in northern Nevada and situated between Reno and Carson City. It covers a total of 66 sq. mi. and has a population of approximately 3,400 full-time residents. As a prospective new resident of Washoe Valley, you can enjoy the quiet of a rural setting with the convenience of nearby urban communities.

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    Washoe Valley’s Real Estate Market

    With available homes for sale in this community, you’ll generally find a diverse group of single-family homes listed. Washoe Valley has a mix of new, contemporary housing developments and restored older homes that sometimes date back to the 19th century. The latter type is the result of larger preservation efforts in the community, and purchasing one of these homes is considered a unique option not found in many other cities. Historic homes for sale have been upgraded to have all modern conveniences and amenities while preserving their architectural exteriors.

    The Washoe Valley real estate market also includes a number of duplex dwellings and single- or double-wide mobile home developments. The price ranges are more diverse than those found in some other cities and local real estate agents can be invaluable sources of information about the latest home listings.

    Perfect For: Young Professionals and Families

    The majority of employers in Washoe Valley are state government agencies and large-scale corporate entities. The most common industries include construction, mining, public administration and related scientific as well as technical services. If you’re up and coming in your chosen field and have just received a promotion requiring you to relocated to this area of Northern Nevada, Washoe Valley is a great choice. People living in this community enjoy a high quality of life, excellent schools and plenty of outdoor recreational activities for various age groups.


    The Lifestyle: Rural and In the Midst of Gorgeous Landscape

    Some of the most popular activities among locals in Washoe Valley include horseback riding, golfing, river rafting, ATV riding and snowmobile riding during the winters. You may not find as many night spots as in nearby Reno, but the community retains a great deal of its wild west heritage. Like many smaller Nevada communities, much of the culture revolves around the outdoors and around local casinos for those who are more interested in the available nightlife. People living here also value preserving the area’s historical roots, which is evidenced by a number of locations listed on the National Register of Historic Places; some well-known examples are the historic Gold Hill Hotel and the Bowers Mansion Park.

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    Featured Neighborhoods in Washoe Valley

    Since Washoe Valley is a small town located in a mostly rural setting, it’s classified as a single neighborhood with a variety of different building types and home styles. The most developed housing areas are quiet and removed from much of the foot traffic associated with the nearby larger cities of Reno and Carson City.


    You’ll Enjoy: Local Activities

    Some of the most popular family-friendly local activities in Washoe Valley include hiking, group horseback riding lessons and tours of historic points of interest.  Fishing and boating at nearby Washoe Lake are also favorite outdoor activities. More details are available on the Washoe County Outdoors website.


    Distinguished Schools in Washoe Valley

    Due to its small size, Washoe Valley’s schools are located outside the town boundaries and within a short bus ride away. The greater Washoe County School District serves Washoe Valley along with several other nearby communities. Some of the schools in the district include:

    • Kate M. Smith Elementary School
    • Lou Mendive Middle School
    • North Valleys High School
    • The Opportunity School
    • The Concurrent Academy of Art Careers and Technology

    The local school district has gained recognition for higher-than-average student standardized test scores and high levels of student involvement in the community. Many of these schools also enjoy smaller class sizes and good student-to-teacher ratios. For higher education opportunities, the closest major college is the University of Nevada-Reno.


    Washoe Valley Utilities

    • The Community Service Department Water Utility
    • NV Energy
    • Time Warner Cable Authorized Agent
    • Comcast Authorized Offers
    • AT&T
    • Truckee Meadow Water
    • Washoe Media
    • East Bay Propane Co.

    The Workforce: Washoe Valley

    Living in Washoe County is a great option if you have ties to Nevada’s two main sources of income: the mining and gaming industries. This area is also a popular option if you’re starting a new job with the state government. Major employers in the Washoe Valley area include:


    Why Live Here: Washoe Valley

    Washoe Valley is an excellent place to live if you want a retreat from busy city life, but still need to commute to nearby urban centers for your job. The area has experienced noticeable growth over the past decade, and as a result it has a good mix of long-time residents along with recent arrivals. The community is perfect if you enjoy the scenic outdoors and various outdoor activities for the whole family. Living in Washoe Valley puts you in touch with the area’s historic wild west culture and has plenty of living reminders of the town’s past as a mining community. A number of home options are available and you have excellent chances of finding that one property that’s perfect.